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Terms of Use

The report drawn up under the terms of service rules apply www.smsfree.site

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The following rules are used for sending a Free SMS to smsfree.site

§1 The SMS delivery is & remains free

§2 The user agrees to the terms and conditions Terms and the Privacy Policy.

§3 The provider provides only the technical possibilities for shipment. The sender of the SMS (user) is responsible for the contents of the texts of the SMS and confirms that the recipient on receipt of the SMS agrees. The contents of the user in the SMS must not violate any applicable laws, contain any offensive, slanderous, insulting, threatening, obscene, racist or illegal in any other way utterances. This also applies to the observance of cultural and religious concerns of other users. It is likewise prohibited advertising, mass SMS to disseminate pornographic material.

The user agrees to the provider from any third party claims which may be asserted for infringement or by the use by the user against the provider.

§4 Possible compensation claims against the supplier are excluded, unless the provider has acted with intent or gross negligence. The provider does not accept any liability, warranty or compensation for the continuous availability of the service and the delivery of over www.smsfree.site SMS sent.

§5 If individual provisions are invalid, this remains the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.