Are you looking for a free SMS to send? Then you are exactly right here. On smsfree.site you can send daily without limit sms free worldwide.

Is the service 100% free ?

Yes the service is and remains free, every visitor can send daily without LIMIT SMS worldwide.

What is Free SMS?

As the name of Free SMS already suggests, it means translated in English. This service is handy if you just happen to have no credit but needs to reach someone urgently.

Cheap calls abroad with PeterZahlt.de

With PeterZahlt.de they can call worldwide (currently available in more than 170 countries) favorably in the mobile as well as fixed network, into the German fixed net even free!

All you need is a microphone and corresponding credit (except for free German landlines) which they can buy on PeterZahlt.de, the deposits can be made by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

The minimum deposit is 5 euros.

The registration is free.

There are 2 different ways to make calls via PeterZahlt.de, the first option is called Selbsteinwahl Plus and is suitable for those who have a fixed line. With the self-access Plus, the PeterZahlt call on a fixed line number and these connect them automatically to their entered call number at favorable prices.

Then there is the second possibility to connect via ClassicPlus (Festnet or HanyNetz), that is, they enter their callers who want to reach them and PeterZahlt calls them automatically on their fixed net or handynummer and connects them automatically to their desired interlocutor continue.

We would be glad about some experiences to this offerer.
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Telefonica prohibit movement data ( Germany )

Telefonica may sell and pass on the movement data of its customers. An anonymous use of the motion data.

How exactly is the Telefonica not yet known.

In addition to the well-known suppliers such as O2 & BASE, the Telefonica network is also used by many other companies such as AldiTalk, Blau, WinSIM, yourfone, eteleon and many more.

Telefonica has a lot of suggestions for the customers of O2 & BASE to inform themselves about their status.

Free phone calls

Who had not the problem already times that one has to call someone yet just happened to have no credit on his mobile phone?

We found the provider umsonst-telefonieren.net which makes it possible to get on his mobile phone to be with your price.

This action is only for a short time, since it is otherwise only possible to be connected via a fixed network.

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